The True Story of a Girl Born in the 20th Century but Raised in the 19th

Though born in 1965, Rachel’s story could have been set in the 1800s. Wearing long dresses and bonnets and living without electricity, modern medicine, or indoor plumbing, she and her two older brothers were shaped by the extreme religious view of her iron-willed, Vietnam veteran father and malleable mother. The family separated from society and lived in an abandoned house atop a remote hill in Tennessee, awaiting the end of the world.

At age 16, Rachel was forced to enter the modern world. She struggled to adjust without casting aside the good along with the bad. Eventually, she found her way to a full, balanced, and vibrant life. An accomplished storyteller, Rachel takes you on her incredible life journey and shares how she was restored by God’s faithful, loving care.

“At a time when the United States grapples with the polarizing grip of extremism, Born Yesterday serves as a roadmap to redemption. It’s an inspiring story for the challenging times in which we live.”

Alva James-Johnson
award-winning journalist and co-finalist for the Pulitzer Prize

“Rachel Williams-Smith is the embodiment of perseverance, resilience, hope. Her book is a must read for people from all walks of life. They will be motivated to overcome any adversity.”

Lucas L. Johnson II
former AP reporter and author of Finding the Good

“Dr. Rachel Williams-Smith moved past an unbelievably challenging childhood to earning two doctorates and professional success. Her story is moving, reminding us there is no limit to what we can achieve despite obstacles.”

Ellen Didier
President, Red Sage Communications

“I fell in love with this book on the opening page. Readers will find Rachel’s family’s ever-changing lifestyle situations both appalling and appealing—and always fascinating. Her complex relationship with her father is especially poignant.” 

David Aretha
award-winning author