About Dr. Rachel

As an educator, author, speaker, and consultant, I am passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of others.

In my book Born Yesterday, I share my own story of a radical upbringing as a result of religious extremism. Though I was born in 1965, my story could have easily been set in the 1800s – I wore long dresses and bonnets and lived with my family in isolation, in a wilderness setting in Tennessee. From living in a bus without any modern conveniences to earning two doctoral degrees, my life has been full of many unusual twists and contradictions – too many to list here. I guess you will just have to read the book or get in touch with me to find out!

I have taken what I have learned over the years to help you become “unstuck” from things in the past that have held you back and kept you from moving forward in life.

I want to nurture hope in you that transformation is within reach, no matter what the challenge, and inspire you to not give up, to not lose hope, and to believe that new beginnings are always possible!

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