Your life simplicity expert.


Sharing her faith through laughter and tears to inspire others to greater faith.


Dr. Rachel presents to a variety of audiences, including academic, faith-based, and professional organizations. Dr. Rachel’s candid communication style allows her to speak openly and practically about her experiences, enabling others to apply what she has learned to their own lives. 


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Knowing Rachel’s story will serve as a bulwark against the lure of religious extremism and a testament for the power of determination to reshape one’s life.
— Jim Hayward
I grew up in a strict religious home and was able to understand my struggle with her struggles. It helps to know that you are not alone.
— Anne Fargusson
Her story is a story of faith triumphing, particularly around her search for transcending the rules of faith but not losing sight of the heart in faith.
— Ellen Didier, Founder & President of Red Sage Communications
I gained an insight into Dr. Williams-Smith’s life and world that evoked deep empathy and gently escorted me through the exciting paths of her spiritual journey.
— Keith Burton, Ph.D. Director, Center for Adventist-Muslim Relations, Oakwood University; Main Contributor for the 2nd Quarter Adult Sabbath School Lesson, 2014

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